Privacy Policy

Shgardi Privacy Policy

Our dear client, Please read the privacy policy for the Shgardi App on this page, and if you do not agree with any of the terms of this policy, then you should not use Shgardi. Your use of the Shgardi app implies your acceptance of all terms and conditions contained in this privacy policy.

Personal information

The Shgardi Application collects personal information from the user through his registration in the application, during the contact of the Shgardi team with the client, when conducting a questionnaire about the service after its implementation, and through the various social networking sites. The application may collect other information about the client using new methods that may be implemented in the future.

Non-Personal Information

Shgardi app collects comprehensive, non-personal information about users, that identify their location, devices used, ages, gender, and other information needed by the application management to be able to analyze performance and make appropriate decisions.

What is the purpose of this information?

Shgardi app benefits from these information for the following purposes:

Improving client Experience

The information we collect helps us improve the client experience in future versions of the application, to achieve the highest degree of ease and convenience while using the application.

Future developments

When we perform any update for the application, we rely on the information we have collected from the previous clients of the Shgardi app.

Client satisfaction measurement

The information enables us to measure the level of client satisfaction with Shgardi services, and therefore we can provide higher levels of service in future deployements.

Is my personal information secured?

Shgardi app is committed to provide the highest levels of security for personal information provided by the client, by not disclosing it to any third party unless after getting the approval of the client.

Sharing my personal information

Shgardi app shall not share the personal information of any client. We only share general statistics related to the size of the market, its sectors, and segments of clients.

Changes to the privacy policy

We in Shgardi app constantly update our privacy policy, so our clients are strongly urged to periodically review the privacy policy updates.

Agreeing to the Privacy policy and Terms of use

Your use of Shgardi app means that you agree to all the terms of the privacy policy of the Shgardi app. It also means that you agree to any update we make in our privacy policy. If you do not agree with any of the terms of the privacy policy of the Shgardi app, then you should not use the application.